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Car Servicing, Repairs and Vehicle Diagnostics in Aldershot

At Ash Autos, we offer a warm welcome to private and trade customers who book in for car servicing and repair work. Based in Aldershot, and covering all surrounding areas including Farnham, we’re the local business for local people with preventative maintenance and car repair requirements. Our company invests heavily into people and equipment, and specialises in vehicle diagnostics to provide faster turnarounds for our customers.


This page looks at our car servicing and repair work in detail, and gives our Aldershot and Farnham customers a clear idea of what to expect from our qualified team of technicians.

Full and Interim Car Servicing

Regular car servicing is, without a doubt, one of the best forms of preventative maintenance a motorists can invest in. At Ash Autos, we perform full and interim servicing based on the number of miles our customers cover over the course of a year. Typically, full car servicing takes place annually or every 12,000 miles based on whichever comes sooner.


Interim servicing, which is a basic oil and filter change, takes place every 6,000 miles for those who cover more than 12,000 miles between full car servicing.


Motorists in Aldershot, Farnham and the surrounding areas receive dealership-standard car servicing at Ash Autos because we follow the same manufacturer maintenance schedules. Keeping your car serviced pays dividends with its performance and economy, and preserves the lifespan of working engine parts to lower the potential for large-scale repair work.

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Car Repairs and Vehicle Diagnostics

Sometimes, even the biggest commitment to preventative maintenance won’t prevent breakdowns, particularly with non-serviceable parts or auto electrical faults. Components within the braking and transmission systems, in particular, wear down through continued use as drivers total up the miles. Brake replacements and clutch repairs, two of the most common car repairs our technicians undertake, account for a sizeable amount of our work.


Some car repairs, however, require more advanced skills. Vehicle diagnostics help us to identify subsystem faults for customers in Aldershot, Farnham, Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex. If you drive a modern vehicle fitted with an ECU, we plug directly into the port to retrieve stored fault codes. The ECU is an integral part of the engine management system.


Most motorists book in for vehicle diagnostics when they notice warning lights on their dashboards. Ash Autos recommends booking in for diagnostic testing if you notice changes in performance or economy too. Vehicle diagnostics take us to the heart of your engine subsystem, and help our technicians to identify potential problems that little bit sooner.


They also help us to recommend the correct car repairs at the first time of asking.

  • Our garage in Aldershot covers Farnham and the surrounding areas
  • We perform full and interim car servicing to main dealership standards
  • The technicians at Ash Autos use vehicle diagnostics to identify running issues
  • Faster identification of the problem reduces the labour cost of car repairs
  • We guarantee all car servicing and repairs for 12 months or 12,000 miles
  • Ash Autos specialises in brake replacements and clutch repairs
  • Our company has an excellent reputation spanning Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex

Call 01252 246525 to book in for car servicing or vehicle diagnostics. Ash Autos is a local business for local people in the Aldershot and Farnham areas.

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