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MOT Garage in Farnham | What to Expect

Are you a Farnham motorist looking for an MOT garage to keep your car safe and roadworthy? If so, we’d like to talk to you and advise you on our services. We offer our customers a three-stage MOT service which we support with full and interim car servicing, brake replacements, clutch repairs and a full range of similar automotive solutions. Ash Autos also performs vehicle diagnostics using state-of-the-art equipment.


All garage services have a connection, and our MOT garage in Aldershot provides every one of these from a single place. This gives our Farnham customers a convenient outlet for their car servicing, MOT inspection and vehicle repair needs, all at fair and competitive prices.

The Three-Stage MOT Process

Most road users in Farnham book in at an MOT garage for their annual inspections but rarely take advantage of the other services a company like our own can provide. We have three areas of expertise to make MOT testing more comprehensive for our customers:


  • MOT Preparation
  • MOT Inspections
  • MOT Repairs


By bringing these three separate services together, we help Farnham motorists to identify the need for brake replacements, clutch repairs and other mechanical issues that could result in an MOT testing failure. To advance on issues pertaining to the test, our MOT garage also undertakes full or interim car servicing and performs innovative vehicle diagnostics.


MOT Preparation

Some of our Farnham customers have a better understanding of what happens at an MOT garage during an inspection than others, and will take preventative steps to ready their vehicle for a test. For those without the same levels of understanding, Ash Autos offers a full MOT preparation service. This service covers everything from small changes, such as replacing wiper blades, to full-scale brake replacements and clutch repairs.


By identifying issues ahead of the test, we give vehicles the best possible chance of securing a pass and help our customers to get back on the road safely and legally sooner.


To receive better value, we recommend that motorists from the Farnham area book in for car servicing at the same time as MOT preparation. This gives our technicians the chance to look at a vehicle in even greater detail, and to increase the chances of a first-time pass. We can even use vehicle diagnostics to identify potential subsystem issues.


MOT Inspections

Our MOT garage near Farnham offers Class IV testing on all vehicle aged three years and over. Annual inspections determine how safe and roadworthy vehicles are, and also check for emission standards. Based on the test criteria and how well your car meets these standards, we issue a pass certificate, make advisories or provide the reason for failure.


If you have booked in for preparation work at our MOT garage ahead of the test, we will have already identified any repairs needed and completed them. The only exception to this might be when our technicians find something seriously wrong with a car and the repair work requires more time, but we always provide a prompt assessment in these cases.


Brake replacements and clutch repairs, for example, take longer to complete than changing a worn tyre, but all three could impact the outcome of an MOT test.


MOT Repairs

Farnham motorists who book in for testing at our MOT garage without considering preparation work or car servicing stand more chance of failing the inspection. Even though an MOT testing failure causes frustration, having a dedicated team of technicians available to perform repair work promptly alleviates many of the concerns, worries and hassles.


Ash Autos undertakes small MOT repairs and free re-tests on the same day as the original inspection, subject to your approval. Larger repairs, such as brake replacements and clutch repairs, might take a little longer. Even so, we’ll be there doing our absolute best to get the work completely quickly, and getting you back onto the road as soon as we possibly can.


We remind our Farnham customers that combined car servicing and MOT testing works out to be more affordable than paying for services individually. If your car has an ECU fitted, we use vehicle diagnostics to reset the dashboard lights after we complete a full service.

Call 01252 246525 to book in for car servicing, brake replacements and clutch repairs. Ash Autos is a local business for local people in the Farnham area.

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