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MOT Garage in Aldershot | Preparation, Testing and Repair Services

Ash Autos is an approved DVSA MOT garage, located in Aldershot, with a growing customer base in the surrounding Farnham, Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex areas. When motorists think of MOT garages, the first thing that comes to mind is the annual inspection – a series of checks which measure safety, roadworthiness and emission standards across a particular category, with the Class IV category for cars and LVCs being the most common of all.


What many people forget is that a good MOT garage will also provide additional services pertaining to the actual test, with MOT preparation and MOT repairs being the two most popular. Ash Autos, a fully-independent company covering all of Aldershot and Farnham, delivers these services for local and regional customers – wherever they may be.

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image of a red car with it's hood open being inspected

MOT Preparation Services

Some motorists have a reasonable understanding of what the MOT inspection entails, and will perform a few physical and mechanical checks ahead of taking a car to the local testing centre. Nobody wants to waste additional time and money moving vehicles backwards and forwards to or from an MOT garage for multiple inspections and repair work. Solid preparation ahead of the annual test gives the vehicle the best possible chance of passing.


Other vehicle owners in Aldershot, Farnham and the surrounding areas won’t know many of the items included in the test, and will rely on an MOT garage like our own to perform a pre-inspection analysis. This preparation work identifies faults which could result in a test failure, and gives our technicians time to remedy them before the date of the inspection.

MOT Inspections

The test itself, a series of physical and mechanical checks on items such as the lights, steering system, suspension, tyres, brakes and bodywork, determine how safe a car is on the day of the inspection. If a vehicle meets the specified criteria, the MOT garage issues a pass certificate valid for 12 months. The test applies to vehicles over three years old.


If a car fails the test, the inspector explains why and provides recommendations on what the owner must do to bring everything up to a safe and roadworthy standard.


Our MOT garage undertakes testing for Aldershot and Farnham motorists up to one full month ahead of the scheduled expiry date which, in the event of a pass, gives the owner a full 13 months of concurrent certification. For local customers with cars that fail the MOT inspection, Ash Autos offers a full range of repair services to get them back on the road.


Contact us on 01252 246525 to book in for your next MOT test.

MOT Repair Services

Small defects on your vehicle lead our inspectors to add advisories to the paperwork. This gives you the chance to repair your car after the inspection while still gaining the all-important pass certificate. Defects which fall outside of specified tolerances result in a test failure, and motorists have to repair their vehicles ahead of another MOT inspection.


Our MOT Garage is a local business helping local people in Aldershot, Farnham, Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex. If your vehicle fails an inspection, leave it with for the required repairs and we’ll re-test it without charge – often on the same day as the original MOT test as long as we receive your approval for repairs quickly and have room to accommodate the work.

Call 01252 246525 to book in for MOT preparation, MOT testing or MOT repairs. Ash Autos is a local business for local people in the Aldershot, Farnham and Hampshire areas.

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image of a group of cars in a garage ready for mots
image of a red car with it's hood open being inspected
image of a group of cars in a garage ready for mots