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Answering Questions on Car Servicing and Clutch Repairs in Aldershot

Ash Autos, a local business for local people, covers all Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex locations. Because we operate from premises in Aldershot, many of our customers come from the immediate area and make us their preferred choice for car servicing, clutch repairs and brake replacements. Because we invest heavily into equipment, we are also Aldershot’s trusted choice for vehicle diagnostics and an approved DVSA MOT garage.


Prospective customers in the area normally come to us with questions before they go ahead with making a booking. At Ash Autos, we happily answer any queries they might have. Should you have any questions on car servicing, MOT testing or vehicle diagnostics after reading this page, we invite you to call us so we can answer your questions too.


What are the benefits of full and interim car servicing?

We view car servicing as a health check for vehicles and strongly advise that Aldershot motorists adhere to the schedules recommended by their manufacturer. In general terms, full car servicing is an annual inspection and one that goes into much more detail than an interim service. Full car servicing covers the basic oil change, replacement of the oil, air, fuel and pollen filters, and a detailed physical component check covering upwards of 65 points.


For those in Aldershot who exceed 12,000 miles annually, we recommend booking in for interim car servicing too. This is a basic oil, fluid and oil filter change that keeps the engine running cleanly and preserves wear on important components to keep repair costs down.


What makes you different from any other MOT garage in Aldershot?

Most MOT garages prefer to push the inspection side of things. At Ash Autos, we think it’s much more important to offer our Aldershot customers a more complete service. That’s why our own MOT garage has a three-step process to increase your chances of a test pass. Ahead of the annual inspection, we recommend booking in for MOT preparation work so our technicians can identify any minor repairs needed before testing begins.


The inspection itself is the second step of the process and, if you prefer not to book in for preparation and your car subsequently fails the test, our MOT garage in Aldershot offers a complete repair service with the benefit of a free re-test – often on the same day.


How do I benefit from vehicle diagnostics?

If you own a modern vehicle, it will have an advanced engine management system that alerts you to potential subsystem faults. Should your dashboard present a warning light, make a booking at our workshop in Aldershot for a vehicle diagnostics test. We’ll plug our innovative code readers into your ECU port and retrieve the stored fault codes. Our technicians interpret these codes to determine what might be wrong with your car.


Vehicle diagnostics eliminate the need for lengthy troubleshooting, identify problems sooner and ultimately lower the overall cost of the subsequent repair work.


Why are clutch repairs important for my vehicle?

The complexity of the transmission system, and the relatively high cost of replacement parts, makes responsive clutch repairs something of a priority for our valued Aldershot customers. Left unattended, worn clutch plates or cables lower potential gear changing performance and eventually cause premature wear of other important components. As more parts wear, the cost of clutch repairs increases – not good news for any vehicle owner.


If you have noticed signs of a slipping clutch, burning smells, difficulty in engaging gear or grinding noises, book in for clutch repairs as soon as possible. To help you manage costs, we source new or reconditioned clutches from our own supplier network in the Aldershot area.


Is it dangerous to avoid brake replacements?

Yes. In fact, we’d go as far to say that an effective braking system is one of the most important safety features on your vehicle. A change in characteristics when slowing or stopping is often the first sign of component wear and an indicator that your car needs brake replacements as soon as possible. Ash Autos of Aldershot replaces brake pads, discs, shoes and drums, and even offers a replacement service for worn or damaged callipers.


Ignore the need for brake replacements and the potential consequences don’t bear thinking about. Keep your family or passengers safe, and show consideration for other road users and pedestrians, by making a booking at our popular workshop in Aldershot today.

Call 01252 246525 to book in for car servicing, brake replacements and clutch repairs. Ash Autos is a local business for local people in the Aldershot area.

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